So here we are again

3 min readApr 13, 2021

Another year, another blog?

Who would’ve thought that I would be writing a blog in 2021? Of all years.

Then again, this is more of a… way to summarize my thoughts. There’s so much going on that it’s become a bit of a hindrance to even keep all thoughts to myself.

There’s one thought in particular that keeps bothering me.

Lately, every day has become the same as the one last week, and so on, spanning for a couple of months now, though it feels like an eternity.

I feel like life is passing me by, while I complete my tasks on autopilot.
Each day I confront these thoughts, it’s another day that I put them off.

I wonder what is the correct way to deal with this. I wonder if everyone who has lived, or has shared my way of thinking, has thought this way.

At what point do people realize what life is about?

At this point, I’m fairly certain that life is about happiness. Happiness and those moments of contentedness that are hard to find. Moments where all your needs and wants are satisfied, where the only thing left in one’s mind is enjoyment. Those moments feel like gentle, warm breezes on an autumn’s evening. Transient, but eternally marked on one’s soul.

However, are the frustrations of not reaching that state what frustrates and stresses me the most? It’s possible. It is altogether something I’m not entirely sure.

Also, there’s the problem of living happily.
Is living happily possible? When life throws negative events at you, is positivity the true ultimate trait? Seeing life with rosy lenses even when things are awful?

Is being a realist by nature a bad thing?

Is life basically a series of events, day to day, that accumulate into a “life” lived? That’s what it seems to me to be, on a very shallow sense. How many lives have been lost, that we only look on superficially? How many lives we witness without understanding the core aspect of their troubles?

How many people think this way as well?

To so many questions, I currently have such few answers, if any.
I’m sure some answers must lie within the ramblings of ancient philosophers, men of incredible wisdom who figured it all out very early, very quickly, and without the technological tools we now possess. Then again, it could be argued that only because of these technological possessions that we are distracted from the true meaning of life.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about incremental progress. The little by little that can make one’s life better, simply by continuous accumulation. Something like in an RPG, where you level up stats slowly or gain EXP to soon level up. Is there such an equivalent in life? Is that a good measure to determine “success” in life?

At what point do skills cap, and how are you supposed to select these skills?

I am feeling sleepy so I will end my own incoherent ramblings here. It has definitely helped, though, to make these thoughts into typed words. I feel like I may not need to think these concepts in exactly the same way.

Maybe that’s why I feel tired!